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Some things to know before visiting Tanzania

Here's information on the basic requirements for entering Tanzania, as well as links to more information.

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  • Tourist visa: Required
  • Business visa: Required
  • Student visa: Required
  • Work/volunteer visa: Required

Although visas are available upon arrival, you should obtain visas prior to arrival in Tanzania. When you arrive, ensure that immigration officials validate your visa by stamping your passport or writing any required information in it. A tourist visa is valid for three months from the date of issue, and the duration of a stay cannot exceed three months. Moreover, some visas are valid for a period shorter than three months. Frequent visitors and business persons should request multiple-entry visas.

Verify that you abide by the terms and expiry date indicated on your visa. Substantial fines are levied on those who overstay the period allowed by their visitor visa or residence permit.


Coastal areas and islands are subject to monsoons between June and October. In most areas, the long rainy season occurs from March to May and short rains last from November to December. Roads may be impassable during the rainy season without the use of a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Keep informed of regional weather forecasts and plan accordingly.


Remain on tourist routes and avoid remote areas. Exercise caution in and around Arusha, where armed robberies and carjackings have been reported. Should you find yourself on less-travelled roads and trails, avoid stopping since armed robberies and carjackings may occur. Keep doors locked and windows up at all times and do not pick up strangers. Travel in a convoy between cities, and avoid travelling after dark.

Laws & Culture

In Zanzibar, Islamic practices and beliefs are particularly influential. Exercise common sense and discretion in dress and behaviour throughout Tanzania. Respect religious and social traditions to avoid offending local sensitivities. Visitors should dress conservatively. Women should cover their shoulders and refrain from wearing shorts..


The currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS). The use of credit cards is very limited. However, they are generally accepted at larger hotels, European carriers and other businesses that cater to international clientele. There may be an additional fee of up to 5% when using credit cards. Outside of Dar es Salaam and at smaller establishments, cash in either Tanzanian shillings or U.S. dollars is the preferred method of payment, particularly for hotel bills, domestic airline tickets and entry to national parks.


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