Destination: Malawi

One of Africa's most beautiful destinations

Malawi is a hidden gem. It is the unique combination of Landscape, Wildlife, Lake and, the People which makes this one of Africa’s most amazing countries. Safe and friendly, Malawi offers visitors a fascinating variety of sights and experiences. The diversity of landscapes, the huge lake and the national parks and reserves provide the foundation for the unrivalled choice of safaris, water sports and outdoor activities on offer.

In the south looms the bulk of Mount Mulanje, a plateau popular with climbers and hikers. In between are tranquil fishing villages, bustling markets, and always in the background, the shimmering waters of the lake.

Still unexplored, Malawi offers the unique experience a traveller just dreams about.

Malawi is a truly amazing country in the heart of Africa. Here we can experience close encounters with wildlife and a unique culture that has changed little since the days that David Livingstone explored more than 150 years ago.

Malawi’s geography is sculptured by Africa’s Great Rift Valley; towering mountains, lush, fertile valley floors and enormous crystal clear lakes are hallmarks of much of this geological phenomenon – and Malawi displays them all. This is one of the finest places in Africa for visitors to meet and interact with the local inhabitants or visit a rural community.

Malawi is a warm and welcoming country that offers visitors wonderful beauty, fascinating parks and some of the friendliest people in Africa. It is no wonder that it is known as the ‘warm heart of Africa’. Now is the time to discover all the country has to offer.

Unique facts about Malawi.

  • Malawi has the largest fresh water lake in Southern Africa and only 3rd in all Africa.
  • Malawi has the tallest mountain in Southern Africa and only 3rd in Africa.
  • Malawi is 2nd safest country in Africa, after Botswana.
  • Malawi boasts of unique and diverse cultures still unexplored, two of which have already been declared ‘Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO.
  • Malawi connects well to Europe, the Americas and has good connections with the rest of Africa.
  • Malawi connects well and has easy access to world tourist attractions such as the Victoria Falls, South Luangwa National park, the Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique and Tanzania
  • Above all Malawians are a smiling and friendly people, take a chance you will not regret.

Day Trips from Lilongwe, Malawi

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Key things to see and do in Malawi

Lake Malawi

A beautiful freshwater lake that is blessed with golden beaches and an incredible colorful variety of fish.

Liwonde National Park

Malawi's premier wildlife park is set along the banks of the Shire river. View hippo, elephants even fish eagles. 

Majete Wildlife Reserve

A unique conservation and tourist destination with amazing success story of recovery and restoration.


Pictures from previous safaris in Malawi

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